playoffs (brighton)

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pre-regionals (novi)

klaa x-over varsity (vs Howell)

 JV KLAA X-Over (vs howell)

vs canton (varsity)

2016 south lyon varsity

2016 clarkston varsity

2016 AA pioneer varsity

2016 FGR varsity

2016 northville varsity

2016 rockford varsity

2016 howell varsity

2016 Forest hills northern varsity

2016 Saline Varsity

2016 lake orion varsity

vs novi varsity

novi jv

2016 WL western varsity

2016 wl western jv

2016 fgr Jv

2016 Northville jv

2016 huron valley varsity

2016 Huron valley jv

2016 forest hills central varsity

2016 forest hills central jv

2016 Lax war

canton jv

2016 south lyon jv

2016 clarkston jv

2016 AA Pioneer jv

2016 salem varsity

2016 salem jv

2016 Rockford jv

2016 Howell jv

2016 forest hills northern jv

2016 Saline jv

2016 Lake orion jv

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